iCloud Login: A brief explanation

Here, we'll be discussing on the main topic that is, iCloud Login and as well as the process to create icloud login account. But first, let us learn some of it's history and basics.

Icloud is an online storage service developed by the Apple company. Lets make it simple, Icloud is the online storage where you can upload the files and documents (lets say everything) via internet. Now you may wonder why should I store it in online when I got plenty of space left in my Laptop. Well the reason is, you can easily get access to your stored information when you're away from your devices. Just login to Icloud.com from any devices and get connected to your documents.

There goes the introduction part. Let us learn some few facts and figures about the "icloud". What exactly is icloud? What does it do? and How can be benefited from the services of icloud?

iCloud Login

Login to icloud is easy and everyone can note it in single try. All you need is an apple id. But however, it is not necessary to create a new id to login to icloud. One apple id is enough for all the apple services. But again, if you don't even have an apple id then learn how to sign up for the id which I have discussed below. Now, here's how you do the login thing:

  • Firstly, go to official website, i.e www.icloud.com
  • There, you'll notice the login box in middle of the page.apple id login page
  • Enter your apple id username and password in the respective boxes
  • Hit enter or click on the arrow sign in the right side of password box.
  • Simple as that.

iCloud Sign up

To access the icloud, you need an apple id. Not only for the icloud, but for all the services of apple. If you are the apple user or you own an apple iphone or mac, you may know about these things. However, for the new users, they must be unaware about the apple rules. For most of the newbies Creating an apple id may be a hectic job to do. So, here's some simple steps you need to follow to make an apple id

  • Go to official site of iCloud www.icloud.com same as of login steps.
  • Click on "create one now" located just below the login box.Create new icloud account
  • Fill up the necessary information and fill up the captcha and click on continue.icloud sign up page
  • Lastly, confirm your email address. (iCloud will send the code in your email. Get that code and enter in the box. As shown in the image below.)icloud email verification
  • And you're done.

Things to remember before you start

  • You need an apple id to access icloud.
  • Once you login to apple cloud service, by default, you have only 5 GB of space. You need to pay for the extra online space. Remember, only the first 5 GB of space is free.
  • The most common issues with the icloud in recent days are its security. So, make sure you choose the strong and secure password for your id.
  • If you have multiple apple devices, never let others (untrusted persons) to access your gadgets. But in case you need to, make sure you logout your apple id.


Icloud is an online storage and cloud computing service developed by the Apple. The initial release date of icloud was June 6, 2011 but it was later released for public in October 12, 2011. And other latest version of icloud was released in December 8, 2014. Icloud is support in the product of Apple Company and other mobiles. It is supported or can be operate in OS X, Microsoft windows and iOS as well. More than 320 millions are using icloud applications. The official website of icloud is www.icloud.com.