Can iCloud be used on PC?

You can use icloud on PC too. To operate or use icloud in your PC you can follow following steps:-

  1. First you have to create your apple id from mobile phones of Apple Company like iphones, ipad, mac.
  2. After that, you have to download ‘icloud control panel” for your PC.
  3. After the success of download of icloud control panel. Open it and enter your apple id.
  4. Then in the icloud control panel, you can select the services which you want and make them enable. Services like mail bookmark and photo syncing and click apply.
  5. And if you want to download new music, books and apps automatically, you have to open itunes and sign in with your icloud id.
  6. Now you can enjoy icloud service in your PC.

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By the above steps you can enjoy all services of icloud in your desktop. You can store your files, documents in icloud because icloud is one of the online backup services. By the above steps you can get services of icloud in your desktop without going through your iphones and other products of Apple Company. You can also login to icloud through the official website of icloud. The official website of icloud is

By researching the users of icloud, Apple had introduced icloud for desktop. So that, users of icloud get opportunity to use icloud in desktop and laptops.

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